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2015 TENANT PROFILESThe majority of people renting properties through our offices are aged between 25 and 40 years old and 90% are aged below 40.  There  is  some  variation  between  offices.  Midtown  for instance, has a higher than average proportion (47%) of under 25s,  reflecting  a  high  concentration  of  students  renting  in Bloomsbury and Midtown and also of over 60s.

Overseas nationals make up 70% of renters in our markets, with Europeans the dominant group, accounting for 33% – these proportion are both line with the 2014 shares.

2015 TENANT PROFILESDocklands is the most British of our markets for renters – here they accounted for 48% of tenants compared with just 17% in Midtown.  The  bias  towards  overseas  nationals  in  Midtown reflects  the  higher  budgets  generally  available  to  overseas students than domestic ones. 21% of renters in Midtown were from the Far East compared with 14% overall and just 8% in Docklands.

US nationals were most likely to be in the City or Docklands where they made up 13% and 8% respectively. In other markets their presence was negligible.

2015 TENANT PROFILESThe household composition for renters in our markets was fairly evenly split between sharers, couples and singles. Families made up only 4% of renters in our areas, reflecting high entry levels for 3 and 4 bed properties. This dataset is new this year but this balance probably reflects the norm in our markets. The City has a higher proportion of singles (43%), while Midtown had a bias towards sharers.

2015 TENANT PROFILESThere are distinct geographical differences in occupation type. 40% of all tenants leasing homes through our City office were employed in the financial sector and a further 13% in the law and  15%  in  TMT.  In  Midtown,  students  dominate  the  rental market, accounting for half of all tenants there. Finance is also an important employer in Docklands although the spread is wider here, with public sector and hospitality becoming more significant.



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